It's not all about on-time and on-budget, it's about purpose.

All projects start with a vision and process along with an execution plan. Our goal is always to deliver projects within budget and on time. Beyond that, Gio-Con strives to create living, working, and shopping destinations that excite people and pull them in to maximize ROI.
Innovative transformations from old spaces to new vibrant communities is what makes our projects successful. With solid relationships and collaborative community support, our new spaces offer broad market appeal and opportunity that the past left behind.


  • Needs Assessment
  • Market Surveys
  • Site Procurement & Development
  • Selection of Architect & Technical Consultants
  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Contracts & Legal Agreements
  • Development of Architectual Design Program
  • Development of Lifestyle Design Program
  • Project Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Management Planning
  • Property Management